Beach Blend - Hidden Necklace Soy Wax All Natural

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Hidden Necklace Candles ~ Perfect Gifts for those who love a little surprise!

Surprise Sterling Silver Necklace - Collectible Necklaces

Scent: Beach Blend - Each Candle is Lightly Scented using 100% All Natural Essential Oils.

Great Presents for Christmas, Birthdays, Bridal Showers, Weddings (and can be used as Weddings Favors as well)

These candles are made specially by using 100% Soy Wax and Love.

These candles are a wonderful way to create a very calming and serene environment. These candles are also perfect for quick meditation sessions at home AND portable.


Each candle has a necklace from our collection as well as necklaces only found in our candles

Necklaces are original priced at $20+



Candle Ingredients: (Made in our Studio in Los Angeles, California)

Size: 4 oz candle

Scent: All Natural Essential Oils

Wax: Natural Soy Wax

Wicks: Organic Hemp Wicks - Pre-waxed by 100% Beeswax

Container: Stainless Steel