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Chakra candle for balancing and opening the heart Chakra. Reiki infused.

The Heart Chakra also known as Anahata in Sanskrit is the energy center for love. It is about connecting and relating with ourselves and those around in a loving way.

This chakra is all about giving and receiving love and compassion. Balancing the Heart Chakra is important for relationships and our ability to give and receive love.

When our heart chakra is balanced we are able to appreciate beauty and be open and accepting towards ourselves and others. This is the center for experiencing unconditional love.

When this chakra is imbalanced we may feel defensive and close ourselves off from love. We may manifest toxic relationships due to a tendency to overcompensate for our lack of self love and fall prey to a victim role.

This chakra is the central chakra with three chakras above and three below, it is the meeting point of physical and spiritual energies. It is located at the centre of the chest and represented by the colour green.

If balanced the loving energy will overcome jealousy, fear and hatred. Anahata translates as 'unhurt' as this chakra is pure and free from pain when in balance; allowing compassion to flow through us. Our heart chakra candle is lovingly created to help open your heart chakra and keep it in balance.

The two essential oils Neroli and Lemon blend beautifully together with a delightful aroma. The properties of each specifically support the heart chakra.

  • Neroli: This is a sweet, citrusy oil which uplifts the spirit and harmonises the mind and emotions. It is a favourite oil for opening the heart chakra and even helps regulate the rhythm of the heart. Neroli encourages confidence, strength and trust.
  • Lemon: Another sweet and citrusy essential oil which encourages trust and a sense of security. This oil expands our capacity for love and promotes hope and joy. Like Neroli it encourages trust and enhances our capacity for self nurturing and self love.

Enjoy using this candle for meditation, or simply light it and allow the loving energy to be absorbed through your senses as you go through your day. Comes in a glass hexagonal container with screw top lid.

Contains: One Heart Candle One Heart meditation medallion in a velvet pouch with chakra design. 150ml burn time 24 hours. 190ml burn time 30 hours 240ml burn time 40 hours Please note that color shades may vary.