Eco Aurous Rosehip Oil Pure & Natural Carrier Oil

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Eco Aurous Rosehip oil Scientific Name: Rosa Moschata or Rosa Rubiginosa. Collection Method: Cold Pressed. Plant Part: Seeds. Aromatic Description: It has a very mild earthy, nutty aroma. Blends Well With: Eco Aurous tea tree oil: Eco Aurous Lavender oil: Eco Aurous Patchouli oil: Eco Aurous Geranium Oil: Chemical constituents of Rosehip Carrier Oil are: Linoleic Acid, Linolenic Acid, Oleic Acid, Palmitic Acid, and Stearic Acid. Rosehip oil is known for its remarkable effects on the skin, with an affinity for aging, wrinkled and weathered skin. Rose hip oil is prized for its ability to renew the skin and add radiance and youthful moistness. It can be very well utilized for skin discomfort, irritation or redness, as it is quickly absorbed by the skin. It is an important ingredient in cosmetic products such as facial creams and body lotions. Rosehip oil is extracted from the seed within the fruit of the wild thorny rose bush. Native to Chile, the plant is now cultivated elsewhere in South America with many countries producing the oil. Benefits: Helps moisturize hair and promote its growth. Helps facilitate wound healing. Helps soothe acne and reduce chances of future outbreaks. Helps promote moisture retention in skin and hair. Helps hydrate dry, itchy or inflamed skin. Directions for use: Diffusion: Use three to four drops in a diffuser of your choice for creating a relaxing atmosphere. Internal use:Dilute one drop of oil with carrier oil or base oils and blend well before using. Topical use: Apply one to two drops to desired area. Dilute with a carrier oil to minimize any skin sensitivity. Storage: Keep bottle in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight or water contamination. Being natural and organic, oil may thicken in cold climate or change color over a period, however the efficacy will remain unaffected. Place the bottle in a bowl of warm water to regain consistency in case of freezing. Keep out reach of children. Use within 6 months after the seal is broken. Precautions:- If pregnant, nursing or under a doctors care, consult a Physician before use. Discontinue use, if skin sensitivity occurs. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not use undiluted on skin. Do not use on broken skin or on abrasions. Do not use internally, unless directed by a licensed Aromatherapist or Physician. Do not apply to or near the face of infants or children.