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Tap into the energy of the moon with Essential Oils specifically chosen to maximise the Moon's power. The candles in this moon manifestation kit are designed to work in harmony with the moon and the its magical ability to cleanse, energies and renew. Being in sync with the moon and utilising its energy during a full and new moon is extremely powerful. In this Meditation kit the New Moon candle contains Sandalwood and Frankincense Essential Oils for abundance and a deeply spiritual experience. The New Moon is about new beginnings and is an ideal time to manifest our desires and start afresh. The power to manifest our desires is within us and meditating during a new moon helps activate that power. This is the time to set our intentions and reach for the goals that we want to achieve. Sandalwood opens our minds to new opportunities and helps us access the resources we need to reach new Horizons. It is ideal for promoting creativity and planting new seeds. Frankincense is an uplifting oil that promotes wellbeing and instilled optimism. It supports us during times of change, easing us into the positive changes we are manifesting. Frankincense eases transitions from fear to hope and is considered a sacred oil. The Full Moon is the time to release. Letting go of old, stagnant energy and emotions that no longer serve us. To help this process the full moon candle contains Cedarwood and Ylang Ylang Essential Oils. It's a time for grounding ourselves and paying attention to the changes that are already happening and those that we need to set in motion. This is the time to listen to our bodies and absorb the flow of self love as we cast off the old in readiness for the new. Cedarwood is very cleansing and helps the body release during the full moon phase. It's an oil for grounding ourselves Yang Ylang helps open the heart chakra and deepens our connection with ourself. Exactly what we need in order to heighten our senses and receive the knowledge of who we are and what we desire. This meditation set comes complete with a Moonstone to Bring good fortune. Whether you want to manifest abundance, or love this is the stone for success. It is known as a stone of passion, sending love flying through the door. The moonstone is associated with the moon and was the stone of the goddess Diana. The most powerful time to use the moonstone is in a full moon. With the New Year approaching, this meditation kit is perfect as it strengthens our intentions for the upcoming year. This kit is lovingly Reiki infused. Contents: Large New Moon candle 240ml Full Moon candle 240 ml 1 Moonstone Medium New Moon candle 190 ml Full Moon candle 190 ml 1 Moonstones