Root Chakra Hemp Bracelet - Wish Bracelet

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 🙏 💕 Tie a Knot & Make a Wish

 Root Chakra ~ Garnet, Hematite & Smokey Quartz Hemp Bracelet

Garnet - A reenergizing stone - Helps to protect the wearer and release any negativity that may have been brought upon them - A manifesting stone - Brings business and financial success - Helps to relieve the immune system, heart issues and promote general good health.

Hematite - A strong grounding and protecting stone - Balances and harmonizes the mind, body and spirit.

Smokey Quartz - A grounding stone - Transmute negative energies - Helps to relieve depression - Increases the ability to get things done - Gives you a joy of living.


Adjustable - Easy to Take On and Off


100% Hemp

4mm Genuine Gemstones